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Leach 2R III

Rear Loader

Leach 2R III Rear Loader

Body Floor - 1/4" floor sheets along with 5/16" floor trough make this the thickest standard floor in the industry. The unique trough design forms a natural sump which holds up to 300 gallons of liquid. 

One of the largest hopper capacities in its class, leading to more efficient operation by reducing the number of cycles needed to sweep the hopper. The Packer/Carrier panel design allows workers to continue loading trash into the hopper while running the hopper sweep cycle. The Packer/Carrier will not push trash out of the hopper during the sweep cycle. 

The curved shell body design features single piece side and roof sheets - no seams. Stronger, cleaner looking, the Packer/Carrier rides on rollers instead of slide blocks, reducing friction and wear. 

Diamond Force Compaction design on the push out panel evenly distributes the trash during packing and minimizes voids in the payload. Compaction Rating is 1000+ lbs per cubic yard. 

Interchangeable cylinders - Leach is the only rear loader to have interchangeable packer and carrier cylinders. This reduces the types of cylinders needed for inventory and maintenance.