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Wittke Superduty®

Front Loader

Wittke knows how strong a front loader has to be. Customers need to run them rough, and thar’s why we build them tough. HARDOX treated steel plates are used in 100% of the body fabrication. Wittke is the first and the only front loader that is part of the 'HARDOX in my body’ program. The Superduty® is unique, stronger and more abrasion resistant than any other front loader in the Industry. 

The Wittke Superduty® is known for its speedy operation. Whether loading, carrying or discharging, the new Superduty® meets the challenge and gets the job done. Maximum number of pick-ups for a minimum time spent on the road. Operators will love it! 

It has to be strong, not heavy. By using HARDOX, we get greater body strength and the lowest body weight. This new design permits the heaviest legal payload ever! Competitors are intimidated! 

We are committed to designing systems that are easy to mamtain and simple to troubleshoot. A high quality product with low mamtenance costs; the Wittke Superduty® is built to answer your customers’ needs - Just what you want in a front loader!